Thursday, September 17, 2015

So I left ArcheAge back just before the level cap got increased to 55 from 50. ArcheAge was a game I truly loved and enjoyed but the Guild I was in was rapidly dying. The Guild Leaders were real life friends and both were just not enjoying the game as they used to. They did their best to stick around but they moved on and left the Officers (me included) in charge. We tried to keep everything afloat but our new GM couldn't handle the pressure and decided to merge us with an allied Guild. They were cool people but much too large for me to feel relevant and getting a bit tired of the game myself, I left.

Something has pulled me back to ArcheAge 2.0, and here I am on the Morpheus fresh start server with a Guild aiming to be the best. It is a much different Guild than my last one. My current Guildmates would call my previous Guild a "group of carebears" as we focused on progression and group activities rather than aiming for the top. My new group is very open to Bloodlusting as well, something I am not terribly comfortable with but figured I'd try out. They seem nice, but a bit too aggressive at times. The Leader and Officers are wonderful people however.

I'm looking to be a disruption mage by rolling Reaper (Occultism-Sorcery-Shadowplay) and instead of leveling Carpentry, Handicrafts, and Tailoring to help gear myself, I will be going a more efficiency route to be more of a supplier to the Guild. I'll level up Farming primarily and currently thinking about Cooking for buff foods and either Mining, Gathering, Husbandry, or Logging/Carpentry.

Join me will you, as I document my journey. Will this be completely ArcheAge related? Not sure yet. Probably not but it's my virtual gaming diary, so I'll do what I want...bitch. =p